Hello! My name is Eric D. Moreno

I develope digital experiences and solutions.

I am a highly impactful software developer specializing in bringing forth company and customer goals, needs, and ideas to fruition through technical solutions. I have been successful because of my ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, and liaise with managers and designers. By leveraging my current skill set of problem-solving and development, as well as my intellectual curiosity to continuously learn and grow.

I have experience in eCommerce software development using Vue.js, Node.js, Express, Firebase, and much more! Currently, I'm currently looking for my next opportunity. Please checkout my LinkedIn profile and please feel free to reach out for more info!

My Projects

Latest Project

Carolina Hurricanes Warriors Website

The Carolina Hurricanes Warriors Program is a non-profit disabled veteran's ice hockey team. As member of the program I volunteered to develop the teams website to help promote the importance of the program.

Originally developed using React and hosted via Heroku. The new and improved site has been now developed using the Vue.js framework using Vuetify components and hosted via AWS Amplify. The site now provides specific calendar events, photos of past events, and a board member login to view team-specific details. You can visit the site at northcarolinawarriors.com. Review the Github page to view more in-depth specifics!

Technologies used include:

  • Vue.js
  • Vuetify
  • AWS Amplify
  • AWS DataStore
  • GraphQl
  • AWS S3
Screenshot of Warriors Website.

Ongoing Project and Former Class Project


PoliHeel is user interactive learning platform. With a mission to provide an informative, non-biased, political learning experience. Promoting truth through transparency.

Originally a school personal project, PoliHeel is currently undergoing a rewrite to improve stability and user interaction. It is now being developed using the Nuxt.js framework for better SEO optimization. Leveraging IPStack to locate a user in order to request a users members of congress from the Google Civic API and Probulica API. Poliheel will allow a user to signup which will provide more access to congressional information and local level government. You can review the Github for the previous React project here and the current development here!

Technologies used include:

  • Nuxt.js
  • Tailwind
  • JavaScript
Screenshot of the PoliHeel Site.

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